Persons with appointments for re-entry visas for today 16th October will be contacted today and tomorrow to notify them of alternative arrangements being made. Those with emergency appointments have been notified and suitable arrangements made.


It is not a requirement of the re-entry visa process for the applicant to attend in person at the Visa Public Office in Burgh Quay. Applications can be made by REGISTERED POST using the RE-ENTRY VISA APPLICATION FORM and submitting the required documents with your application. However, for those who wish to do so, this site will allow you to book an appointment to meet with a Visa Officer in order to have your re-entry visa application assessed for processing, provided that you have submitted all of the correct documentation and fulfil the required criteria.

You MUST have the following documentation ready in order to make your appointment and you MUST be able to PRINT your confirmation documentation and application form:

  1. GNIB Card
  2. Passport
  3. Your email address
You may select an Individual appointment (applies to one person), Family appointment (applies to Parents and their dependent children only) or an Emergency appointment (applies to one person and refers to a death or medical emergency in your immediate family). In Emergency appointments, all required documentation must be provided as required for a re-entry visa accompanied by travel tickets. The Emergency appointment includes an administration cost of €100 (applicable in all cases) plus the visa fee €60 for a single entry visa restricted to your dates of travel TO A MAXIMUM OF 4 WEEKS, total of €160 per person. Each of the sections in the Appointment Request page MUST be complete before you can move on to select your appointment time.